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Why People Fail With Self Hypnosis

The Self Hypnosis Success Principle!

Is success something you crave for? Do you want to improve your life in one or many ways? Could you do with more happiness? The solution may well lie in self hypnosis.

Everyone of us would like to be more successful. Many people use self hypnosis to help us improve our lives.

Unfortunately many people fail to realise the key principle of success and achieve very little even when using such a powerful tool as self hypnosis!

What is this principle and how can it make self hypnosis even more powerful?

Only about two percent of the world's population use this principle and they get fantastic results. You too can achieve miracles with this principle. When you twin this principle with self hypnosis the only limitation you have is your imagination! It becomes the self hypnosis success principle that guarantees you get what you want.

So what is this self hypnosis success principle?

The principle is simple - you must know what you want! Sounds like a very elementary statement but if you give it some thought you will probably find that you have never really answered the question "what does success mean to me?" If you can answer that question then you are ahead of 98% of the world. However, how well can you answer it?

Take a sample of random people and ask them what they want from life and you will get very generic answers. People will say they want to be happier, have better jobs, better relationships or more money. However, they rarely answer the question satisfactorily very much like a politician doesn't.

What does more money mean? How much is more? How do you define better relationships? Better how? Do they want more friends, lovers, a soulmate? What qualities would the person and relationship have?

If they want to be happier with their current relationship how do they define that happiness?

What about those people that said they want a better job or to be happier in a job that liked. Well do you think they know what type of job would make them happy?

Probably the most ambiguous answer you will hear will be the response "I want to be happy". Then tell me what happiness means to you!

Do you now get a feel for the importance of the previous mentioned self hypnosis success principle?

Why People Fail with Self Hypnosis

Those who try self hypnosis and fail to get results are usually those who don't know what they want!

To reach a destination you must know where you are going. You don't even need to know where you are the direction of where you want to be. To use Self Hypnosis you must know what you want to achieve with it!

Once you know exactly what it is that you want you have done 50% of the work already! Form a picture of your desired success in your mind.

Once you know what you want you can research how other's got it. You can use your mental image of success to motivate you into action. Use self hypnosis to program this picture into your mind at a very deep level to act as your blueprint for your future.

You can also use self hypnosis to emulate the behaviours of those who have already achieved the success you desire. Self hypnosis can even be used to help you eliminate negative beliefs, behaviours and feelings as well as instil new ones.

Imediately after reading this start to identify your real desires and form them into a solid mental picture of success. Program this picture into your mind using self hypnosis and any other self improvement tool you have.

Recall this image daily and allow yourself to daydream about it often. Use good quality hypnosis recordings to remove your inner vblocks and program this image at the deepest levels of your mind.

Using The Principle with Self Hypnosis

Use the self hypnosis success principle! Get clear and build your vision, use it with a good quality self hypnosis recording and then prepare for your upcoming success!

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