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How to Freeze Raw Milk

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Raw milk is typically pasteurized either by low-temperature pasteurization for 30 minutes or by high-temperature pasteurization for 15 seconds. Although the pasteurization process kills bacteria, the milk still needs to stored properly to remain safe to drink and prevent food-borne illness. If you h

How to Use a Citrus Peeler

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A citrus peeler is a thin device with a hook at one end and a thin, curved part at the other end. At first glance, it might look more like a crafting or dental tool than an addition to your culinary collection. This odd-looking device can save you lots of trouble if you are a fan of cooking with cit

About Seafood Restaurants

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If you have a hankering for fish, shrimp or crab, go to a seafood restaurant. Seafood restaurants are restaurants that specialize in preparing and serving various types of seafood. In a seafood restaurant, you may occasionally find combination plates on the menu, such as a surf-and-turf platter that