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How to Do Rock Star Makeup

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Rock stars go to great lengths to establish their own "look" that sets them apart from everyone else, whether it be KISS, Avril Lavigne or Adam Lambart. Whether it is full-faced makeup, strong, solid eyeliner or a sparkle-covered eye, rock stars know how to create a look, brand it and own it. You ca

About Euro Shoe Sizing

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European shoe size, like all shoe sizing, is a numerical measurement that indicates the size of the shoe.The European system is used in many European countries, including France, Spain and Italy, but the United Kingdom does not use this system. While some shops of hand-crafted shoes prefer to offers

How to Shop for a Diamond

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Diamond rings are priceless in terms of sentimental value--but affairs of the heart aside, the key to a diamond's commercial value is its rarity. A smaller stone can be worth more than a larger one provided it has more rarity factors--greater clarity and brilliance and fewer inclusions or internal f