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Finding Babysitters You Can Trust

In this day and age, a lot of stress comes with being a parent of a young child. For example, you need to find someone to baby sit your child when you spend the night out of the house. The task of finding someone to take care of your baby while youre out used to be something that you dont have to wo

Home Hair Drug Test Information

Drug use among teens has skyrocketed over the years. Statistics from the 1996 PRIDE (Parents' Resource Institute for Drug Education) survey show that more than 50% of teenagers who have tried marijuana before the age of 15, end up using cocaine. If a parent suspects that their teen is using drugs,

Buying the Perfect Baby Bed

The sleeping arrangements for babies are even more important than that of adults. Recent studies have suggested that a one-month old baby will sleep for between 15 and 16 hours each day and by the time the baby is a year old, then they still require almost 14 hours. It is essential, therefore, to ma